REPowerEU Key Achievements in the First Year

In May, the European Commission looked back and presented the major achievements of the first year of the REPowerEU Plan and the necessary next steps to continue its goal of providing affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe.

The REPowerEU Plan was launched in May 2022, in the face of the disruption of the global energy market resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, aimed at helping the EU to save energy, produce clean energy, and diversify its energy supplies. By acting together, the EU has successfully safeguarded citizens and businesses from energy shortages, reduced its dependency on Russian fossil fuels, and accelerated the transition to clean energy. Moreover, REPowerEU introduced gas and global oil price caps, doubled the additional deployment of renewables and helped the EU save almost 20% of its energy consumption.

Albeit the achievements so far, the European Commission highlighted the necessity of continued delivery of the REPowerEU Plan, focusing on actions to diversify Europe’s energy supply and find alternative suppliers, secure affordable energy supplies, save energy and reduce the gas demand across the EU, and promote and invest in renewable energy. In this sense, the REPowerEU Plan already has some planned next steps, like boosting industrial decarbonisation, implementing new legislation for faster renewables roll-out, investments in energy infrastructure and interconnections, and many others.

You can explore the major achievements in more detail here and review how the Knowledge Transfer Seminar Series carried out by ESEIA and partner organisations as part of the Horizon 2020-funded project RE4Industry contributed to forging a path toward decarbonisation for EIIs in Austria, Finland, Romania and Croatia here.