EPNOE – ESEIA International Summer School 2022

Topic: Sustainable Materials for Renewable Energy Applications (SURE2022)

Timing: 11 – 15 July 2022

Host: EPNOE Member Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB, CSIC), ES

Format: In-person event

Deadline registration: 30 May 2022

Main topical focus:

Smart Energy Materials have a vast potential to help industry and society grow into a new climate-neutral era. The aim is to reduce dependence on rare earths and enhance performance and efficiency, such as improving lightweight materials and their manufacturing techniques for renewable energy harvesting, storage, and use.

EPNOE and ESEIA WG Smart Energy Materials organized a Workshop on 29 June 2021 followed by a mapping exercise to define sustainable materials and their applications for climate neutrality.

As a result, the EPNOE – ESEIA ISS will study a range of sustainable materials including nano‐cellulose based biomaterials, multi‐material polymers, bioresins, photocatalysts, rare earths, and permanent magnets. These materials will be characterised and their potential for RES applications, including in renewable energy provision from solar, wind and hydrogen, storage systems, heating and cooling systems, fuel production systems, inter-and multimodal transport.

Target audience: Young researchers (Master students, PhD fellows and junior Postdocs)

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SURE2022 has a limited number of spots available. Register before 30 May 2022 to secure a spot!

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ESEIA International Student Camp 2022

You are invited to take part in the ESEIA Student Camp 2022 to solve complex real world problems together with experts from industry and academia.

  • Familiarize with the current biorefinery products, processes and challenges.
  • Work in small groups and learn about opportunities for market growth with a focus on bioresources.
  • Meet people with similar interests and start networking.
  • Reach beyond your limits at this year’s Student Camp.

Topic: Process Development and Evaluation in Biorefinery Industry

Timing: 26 – 30 September 2022

Host: ESEIA member LNEG, Lisbon, Portugal

Aim: The aim of the Student Camp is to challenge students to systematically solve complex, real-world problems related to bioenergy and biorefineries together with experts from industry and academia.


  1. Process integration for energy and water savings
  2. Evaluation of process alternatives: Renewables integration, Solar drying, Gas from Biomass
  3. Alternative feedstocks
  4. Ash upgrade

Target audience: 

  • Students enrolled in a Master/PhD program with the following backgrounds: Biorefinery/(Bio)Chemical/Mechanical/Material Engineering, Economics and Marketing
  • Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) working in industry or academia

More information coming soon!

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ESEIA Conference 2022

Topic: Towards Climate Neutral Energy Communities

Host: ESEIA Member The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus

Date: 2 – 3 November 2022

Key topics addressed:

  • Climate change impact on energy needs and sources
  • Distributed energy generation and storage, new systems, approaches and materials
  • Sustainable heating and cooling
  • Positive energy buildings and districts
  • Embedded emissions and circular urban metabolism
  • Community engagement, climate education, behavioural approaches and strategies, energy poverty
  • Decarbonisations of local mobility systems
  • Emerging nature-based solutions
  • Green aesthetics and architecture
  • Policy and finance mix for the achievement of climate neutral communities

Delivery mode:

  • Hybrid (Nicosia and online platform)
  • Keynote speeches and panel discussions
  • 5 thematic ESEIA Working Group Sessions
  • Side events from current projects
  • Innovators’ space

More information coming soon!