The ESEIA Team, headed by the ESEIA Director Brigitte Hasewend, manages and coordinates the services and operations of the Alliance.
It implements the ESEIA Strategy 2030 together with the ESEIA Working Groups.

Brigitte Hasewend

Brigitte Hasewend is founding Director and Member of the Governing Council of the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance – ESEIA. In this executive capacity, she has been responsible for devising the ESEIA Strategy 2030 in the context of the European Green Deal. She has also successfully coordinated a number of large scale European R&I projects with cross-sector partners from all over Europe and from neighboring countries. Since 2013 Brigitte Hasewend has worked for the European Commission as an expert evaluator for Horizon2020 projects. She was Vice-President of the Supervisory Board of Joanneum Research GesmbH from 2014-17 and has headed the International Strategic Research Partnerships at TU Graz for many years. Before re-joining TU Graz back in 2007 Brigitte Hasewend had spent 10 years living and working in Brussels. During this time she held several positions at DG Research of the European Commission.

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