BOKU meets Brussels, 2022

The University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources, Vienna (BOKU), an ESEIA partner from Vienna, visited EU institutions on 27-28 April 2022. Within this visit a workshop “Transformation to Bioeconomy – a work in progress?” was organised.

After the new rector of BOKU Eva Schulev-Steindl welcomed the participants, four keynote speakers shed light on bioeconomy related activities from different perspectives.

The Head of Unit Bioeconomy & Food Systems at the European Commission / DG RTD Peter Wehrheim not only explained the EU’s understanding of Bioeconomy but also how the implementation of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan relates to recent EU policy developments.

The Head of Programme at CBE JU Virginia Puzzolo provided information on the main objectives and indicative timeline of call for project proposals aimed at developing bio-based innovative solutions in Europe.

The Secretary-General at BIOEAST Initiative Barna Kovács presented an overview of bioeconomy related policy developments in the BIOEAST member countries and highlighted strengths and weaknesses in the area.
Finally, the Head of the Centre for Bioeconomy at BOKU Martin Greimel emphasised the historical background and the development of different bioeconomy concepts.

During the workshop, the participants were given ample opportunities for questions and discussed the requirements for a successful transformation from the present economy based on non-renewable raw materials into a bioeconomy. They concluded there is a need for a well-accepted common concept that respects economic, ecological and social aspects.

More information about the workshop, including presentations, is available here.