Project Overview

  • Aim

    Create a whole value chain optimal usage scenario for bioresources

  • Funding

    Styrian Government

  • Duration

    July 2013 – December 2014

  • ESEIA role


Project Information

The aim of the project “Bioresources – The Green Heart of Styria” is to state the methodological and structural basis for a comprehensive management of bioresources in Styria. The existing knowlege in Styria, nationally and internationally, regarding bioresources should be collected and critically examined for its applicability in the Styrian context. Existing methodological knowledge on the optimal utilisation strucutre of bioresources, taking into account different levels of demand (food, energy, industrial raw materials, etc.) and modern technological possibilities (utilisation cascades, bio-refineries) is collected and summarised for a comprehensive planning basis for Styrian decision-makers. The project focusses also on public discourse on comprehensive bioresource management in Styria. International networking of Styrian knowledge organisations should be expanded, so that the use of international research results can be optimised and the international visibility of Styria as a location for innvovation in the question of optimal use of bioresources can be significantly increased.

Project Output

  • Report on Cafe Europa, Regional event Open Days 2013 of the EU
  • Report on the International Workshop on Rational Use of Bioresources
  • Report on eseia – IGS Conference, 24 – 25 April 2014, UTwente, “Smart and Green Transitions in Cities and Regions”
  • Report on the Green Heart Bioresorces “Boden” Forum
  • Forum events, local stakeholder event

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