TU Vienna Online Mobil LAB Works on CO2 Reduction through MaaS

This past year eseia member TU Vienna organized a number of successful events about smart mobility in Online Mobil LAB formats.

The online formats created an interactive environment which allowed space for exchange of knowledge, networking, as well as encouraging research in public events, trade fairs and conferences. In these formats, participants were involved in projects which test methods and tools about urban mobility.

In this series, an online focus group meeting on mobility and climate change took place 4 March. Topics such as personal mobility and the future of mobility in the midst of climate change were discussed with the participants. The focus group was organized as part of the project ‘CO2 reduction through MaaS applications,’ which aimed to generate ideas and approaches that could be used in smartphone applications such as WienMobil.   

For more information about TU Vienna Online Mobil LAB and events, look here