ESEIA Lecture Series - Third Lecture by Gintaras Stauskis

ESEIA Lecture Series: Third Lecture Delivered by Professor Gintaras Stauskis

What if we were to reimagine future ways to live together while protecting our planet? We invite you to join us on 27 April 2023 for the next ESEIA Lecture Series event while we explore the topic of New European Bauhaus with Professor Gintaras Stauskis as our guest lecturer.

Titled New European Bauhaus for Climate Neutral Cities: Novel ways of engaging with urban and natural heritage, the lecture will take place from 19:00 to 21:00 CET at the Auditorium (Aula) of the Graz University of Technology, with live streaming. It will start with an introduction to the topic by the Professor at the Department of Urban Design of VILNIUS TECH Gintaras Stauskis.

Our guest lecturer will address architectural practices of engaging with urban and natural heritage and explain how art and science can work together to solve the socio-cultural and environmental challenges facing modern society.

After the introduction, the Head of the Institute of Urbanism at Graz University of Technology Aglaee Degros and the Climate Protection Officer of the City of Graz Thomas Drage will share their perspectives on European innovative city and mobility planning and explain how codesign processes for climate neutrality work in the City of Graz.

In addition to knowledge exchange and lively discussion, the programme for the evening includes the presentation by Sanela Pansinger of an award-winning project – Green Divan – created by the Graz-based company adasca e.U.

The Head of the Institute of Architecture and Media at Graz University of Technology Urs Hirschberg chairs the lecture.

The lecture is free and open to all interested stakeholders.

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Meet our guest lecturer

Gintaras Stauskis is the Professor at the Department of Urban Design of VILNIUS TECH and Head of the Landscape Architecture study programme. He is leader of the ESEIA Focus Group on Smart Energy Efficiency Buildings. He is member of Lithuanian Association of Architects LAA and International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction CIB. In addition, he is licensed specialist for Architecture Projects on Cultural Heritage. Since 2009, he is conducting EU and collaborative research projects in the fields of urban planning, design, landscape architecture, green building.

More information about this and the upcoming events in the ESEIA Lecture Series on Sustainable Energy Innovation Systems for Climate Neutrality is available here.