RE4Industry Knowledge Transfer Seminar Austria

Under the motto 100% Renewable Energies for Energy-Intensive Industries, the RE4Industry Knowledge Transfer Seminar Series, which is being carried out by ESEIA as part of the Horizon 2020 funded project RE4Industry, will bring European best practice to the forefront and compare with solutions forged by climate pioneers from local industry.

The first seminar is held on 21 October 2022 in Graz, Austria in cooperation with the Federation of Austrian Industries of Styria and Carinthia. We are expecting 100 representatives from industry, science and research, education, administration, politics and civil society at Graz University of Technology.

Two solution packages are discussed, namely circular bioeconomy on the one hand and green hydrogen on the other. Furthermore, the Fitfor55 goals will be explained and checked for their achievability. Finally, a separate breakout group is dedicated to transferable energy solutions.

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Join us and contribute to the debate on how to decarbonise EIIs!



RE4Industry at a glance

RE4Industry facilitates for the energy intensive industry sector in Europe a smooth and more secure transition to the adoption of renewable energies in their production processes and facilities. The project guides the EIIs and their organisations in their path for a total decarbonisation towards 2050 by providing vision and guidance to establish their long-term strategy for a coherent and more secure retrofitting and integration of current and future renewable energy solutions in their facilities and processes. More information about the project is available here.