New publication ‘Economics of Renewable Energy’

Yoram Krozer, formerly UTwente, NL discusses the socio-economic mechanisms that enhance renewable energy in business and households.

The book by Yoram Krozer, formerly UTwente, NL, ‘Economics of Renewable Energy’, published by Springer-Nature provides a comprehensive review on renewable energy throughout the last two hundred years, starting from traditional renewable energy based on bioenergy and hydro resources, as well as fossil fuels. Its focus is on modern renewable energy with geothermal, wind, and solar resources which emerged when innovative entrepreneurs captured opportunities for valuable energy services.

The discussion in this book is based on the interpretation of statistical data on energy resources and pollution, historical changes in energy technologies and services, innovations in the energy markets, consumption growth of renewable energy, as well as the decarbonisation and valorisation trends across countries.

More information about this book can be found here.