ESEIA and Karelia UAS Collaborate for Future Innovations        

ESEIA took a proactive step towards enhancing member integration through a productive online meeting with Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Karelia UAS) on 3 June 2024. During the meeting, ESEIA showcased its current proposals and provided updates on ongoing projects, setting the stage for fruitful discussions on potential collaborations. Karelia UAS, a key INVEST European University Alliance member, highlighted its leadership in developing seven research clusters. Notably, Karelia UAS will spearhead initiatives focusing on urban-rural relationships, new business models, smart technologies, and green energies within this alliance.

Looking ahead, Karelia UAS expressed enthusiasm about actively participating in future ESEIA events, including the upcoming ESEIA Conference in 2024, where they will collaborate closely with Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Moreover, Karelia UAS is committed to engaging deeply in the Horizon Europe proposal alongside other ESEIA members, aiming to drive impactful contributions to sustainable energy and innovation across Europe.

This meeting underscores ESEIA’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment where members like Karelia UAS can leverage their expertise and networks to advance sustainable energy solutions. 

Participants: Liisa Timonen, Sanna Kaurinen, Kristiina Väänänen, Petri Raivo, Sini Rantanen from Karelia UAS, Hana Lee, Brigitte Hasewend from ESEIA.

Contact:  office@eseia.eu