Driving Collaboration and Innovation: ESEIA’s Strategic Meeting with XAMK

ESEIA took a significant step towards enhancing member integration with an online meeting held with XAMK UAS on 14 June 2024. During the session, ESEIA presented its current proposals and provided updates on ongoing projects, fostering dialogue on potential areas for future collaboration.

The meeting also included an overview of ESEIA’s past achievements, current activities, and strategic plans. Central to the discussion was the active solicitation of feedback from XAMK UAS, ensuring that ESEIA’s initiatives are closely aligned with the needs and priorities of its members. This collaborative approach aims to strengthen relationships and maximize the impact of sustainable energy initiatives across Europe. The meeting underscores ESEIA’s commitment to facilitating a dynamic environment for cooperation and innovation among its members.

Participants: Sirpa Rahiala, Turo Laine from XAMK UAS and Brigitte Hasewend, Zina Mejbri from ESEIA.

 Contact:  office@eseia.eu