BOKU Launches Three New Master’s Degrees For a Better Future

To equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the most pressing global issues, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) has introduced three new interdisciplinary Master’s programmes offered in English: Green Building Engineering, Climate Change and Societal Transformation, and Green Chemistry.

With a global focus on sustainable development, the Green Building Engineering programme aims to train professionals in the construction sector to develop environmentally friendly buildings. Within this programme, students will acquire comprehensive competencies for the design and dimensioning of sustainable building constructions, as well as the assessment of their environmental impact. Additionally, students will gain insight into specific deconstruction concepts, from reusing building components to recycling demolition waste and materials.

As climate change becomes an increasingly critical issue, the Climate Change and Societal Transformation programme aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges it presents and tools to address them on local and global scales. This programme integrates different perspectives: 1) an understanding of climate change from a natural sciences point of view; 2) a socio-ecological analysis of the drivers, actors and impacts of climate change and possible solutions; and 3) transformative approaches for a sustainable and just society, explicitly considering the global differences and dynamics.

Green Chemistry is a jointly established programme between BOKU, TU Wien and the University of Vienna designed to advance the problem-solving capacities in chemistry and to train professionals who can master current and future challenges. Students will delve into topics such as green chemistry, sustainability and circular economy, gaining expertise in developing new chemical substances and methods to reduce environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable industry and society.

You can find more information about the contents of the three Master’s programmes here.


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