Ener2i EU Brokerage Event June 2014

On 23 June 2014, ESEIA held its first ENEr2i EU International Brokerage event in synergy with the IncoNet Eastern Partnership project. The event was hosted at the Committee of the Regions, in Brussels, back to back with the EU Sustainable Energy Week, EUSEW 2014, and gathered together 41 participants from 15 countries, including 6 ENP countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, and Azerbaijan.

The participants were warmly welcomed by Brigitte Hasewend, ESEIA Director, and Thierry DEVARS, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, International Relations Officer. ESEIA was also honored to benefit from the contribution and the closing remarks of Mercedes Bresso, Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions. Other remarkable speakers enriched the event, namely Manfred Spiesberger and Gorazd Weiss, from the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), Michael Narodoslawsky, from TU Graz, Coordinator of ESEIA WG Bioresources, Yoram Krozer, from the University Twente, Ion Visa, ESEIA Vice-President from UTBv, and Olivier Brunet, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, Project officer.

Press Release


As a result from the productive Brokerage Event in order to enhance opportunities to explore and find partners according to your project ideas, we have put together an excel document.

This document aims to gather information related to the subtopics that you have selected during the workshops. Please specify your project idea(s), your know-how, and competences to offer related to the project, what kind of expertise, resources is required and what potential partners, clients or users you suggest.

The ESEIA Secretariat will gather all the information, and will invite the subsequent stakeholders to the 2nd edition of the Ener2i EU brokerage event to convene on the 2nd of December 2014 in Brussels.

Please download the document, fill it in and send it back to ESEIA by the 31st of July 2014Download Excel document

Please find below the power point presentations:

Ener2i – energy research to innovation – an overview, Manfred Spiesberger, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI). Download pdf

IncoNnet EaP – STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries – an overview, Gorazd Weiss Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI). Download pdf

Setting the Scene: Presentation by country and general national S&T landscape by INCONET EAP country researchers:

Brokerage Workshop 1: Bioresource Utilisation – Michael Narodoslawsky, TU Graz, AT, Coordinator of ESEIA WG Bioresources. Download pdf

Brokerage Workshop 2: Smart Cities and Regions – Yoram Krozer, U Twente, NL. Download pdf

Brokerage Workshop 3: Capacity Building – Ion Visa, ESEIA Vice-President, UTB, RO. Download pdf

A European perspective on capacity building – Olivier Brunet, Policy Officer, EC, DG Research & Innovation, B5 – Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation. Download pdf

Flyer: EU ENEr2i Brokerage – 23 June 2014