Repower Europe

Lecturer: Teresa Ponce de Leão, President of the Portuguese National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG).

Response 1: Martin Graf, CEO of Energie Steiermark.

Response 2: Karl-Heinz Kettl, Energy Head of Unit at the Styrian Chamber of Labour.

Chair: Sonja Wogrin, Head of the Institute of Electricity Economics and Energy Innovation at Graz University of Technology.


The second lecture in the ESEIA Lecture Series was held at HS i1, Inffeldgasse 18, Graz University of Technology, on 17 November 2022, from 19:00 to 21:00 CET. This lecture focused on how the European Commission’s REPowerEU plan will shape the energy system in Europe.

Professor Teresa Ponce de Leão introduced the topic, providing valuable information on how to turn Europe into a self-sufficient energy economy. After her presentation, Martin Graf delivered remarks on what energy utilities need to scale up renewables and infrastructure, and Karl-Heinz Kettl explained what the energy transition means for consumers.

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