Project Overview

  • Aim

    Promotion of international and inter-sector collaboration through research and innovation staff exchanges, and sharing of knowledge and ideas from research to market

  • Funding

    Horizon 2020

  • Duration

    December 2015 – November 2019

  • ESEIA role

    Project Coordinator

Project Description

People for tHe eurOpean bio-ENergy mIX – Phoenix – brings together many of Europe’s key players from academia, business and the public sector to develop and improve innovative solutions for a European bio-economy based on non-conventional bio-resources using targeted staff exchanges and joint innovation activities. The project adresses identified knowledge gaps through research collaboration and by clearly identifying the technology and knowledge chain for the development and leverage of European expertise. The focus is also on the objective to bridge the gap between industrial innovation and education in order to enable the market up-take of innovative solutions for SET-Plan measures. A network of integrated research and industrial infrastructures should be created and programmes for collaborative post-graduate research at these installations developed.

Project Output

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