Von der Leyen’s New Commissioners-Designate: The Future of the European Commission

New European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen designated the new Commissioners to take position effectively 1 November 2019 provided that the European Parliament approves the appointment. The directions of the new European Commission, as stated in von der Leyen’s letters to the incoming Commissioners, are very well aligned with the eseia Mission, its 2030 Strategy and the Working Groups. Research, Innovation, Transport, Energy and Education all play a very important role in the new von der Leyen’s Commission priority to fighting climate change from every angle.

The following Commissioners have been nominated by EC President-elect von der Leyen for the Europe Green Deal, Innovation and Youth, Energy, and Transport Portfolios:

1.       Frans Timmermans, European Green Deal.

As stated in von der Leyen’s letter Timmermans, DE, will effectively become the First Executive Vice-President designated for the European Green Deal holding a dual function: he will set the strategic direction and chair the Commissioners’ Group on the European Green Deal ensuring all policy dimensions are fully taken into account, and also be responsible for the climate action portfolio.

‘We must look at everything from how we use and produce energy, unlock private investment and support new clean technologies, all the way through to the transport we use, the food we eat and the packaging we throw away’, said von der Leyen in her letter to Timmermans.

2.       Mariya Gabriel, Innovation and Youth.

Von der Leyen nominated Gabriel, BG, to take on responsibility for the Innovation and Youth which will integrate Education and Research duties as well. Gabriel is called to equip people with knowledge, life experience and the skills they need to thrive. In doing so, she will also be responsible to manage the Horizon Europe, the largest ever EU research programme, and also to be administratively responsible for the knowledge and science service of the Commission, the Joint Research Centre.

‘Your task over the next five years’, said von der Leyen in her letter addressed to Gabriel, ‘is to harness this potential and to ensure that education, research and innovation help us deliver on our ambitions and wider objectives’.

3.       Kadri Simson, Energy.

The role of Commissioner for the Energy Portfolio will be given to Simson, EE. The incoming Commissioner will deal with a top issue playing a fundamental part on the Commission’s goal of reducing emissions faster by at least 50 per cent by 2030. Simson is expected to provide accessible, affordable, secure, reliable and clean energy to all Europeans, and to work under the guidance of the Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal Timmermans.

‘Drawing on the success of the Energy Union, you will focus on further developing an integrated, interconnected and properly functioning European energy market. This will help keep prices down for consumers, help increase the use of clean energy and make energy supply more reliable and secure’.

4.       Rovana Plumb, Transport.

Dealing with a constantly increasing demand for transport as our societies and economies become more integrated, new Commission President-elect has nominated Plumb, RO, to take the lead of the Transport Portfolio. The incoming Commissioner Plumb will ensure sustainable, smart, connected and automated mobility, negotiate global emissions reduction and contribute to the Commission zero-pollution ambition. Her duty in the transport sector is an important part to achieve a climate-neutral Europe and the European climate change targets.

‘Your task over the next five years will be to ensure that European transport is sustainable, safe, affordable and accessible. As a rule, you will work under the guidance of the Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal’.

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