International Conference on Environmental Engineering at VILNIUS TECH

VILNIUS TECH Hosts International Conference on Environmental Engineering

The 12th International Conference Environmental Engineering, hosted by VILNIUS TECH, took place 27-28 April 2023. The conference was a high-level scientific event that counted with the participation of several speakers from different countries.

Environmental engineering represents one of the most complex areas of engineering due to its versatility and applied nature, combining the knowledge of different areas of science, and the International Conference Environmental Engineering provides a forum for experts to discuss issues related to this area of engineering.

During the conference, speakers from seven countries (Italy, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Germany, and Malaysia) presented on several topics related to four major categories: environmental protection and water engineering; smart cities, roads and railways; technologies of geodesy, cadastre and geographic information systems; and energy for buildings. The discussion focused on further developments of applied science and the implementation of advanced scientific research in practice.

You can find more information (in Lithuanian) here.


Vice Dean Faculty of Environmental Engineering Rasa Vaiškūnaitė: