RIC TEC2move 2019

Young generations are the key to technology and science development. Under the TEC2move 2019 event organised from 25 to 27 June in ARS Electronica Center in Linz, AT, the eseia member RIC Regionales Innovations Centrum seeks to raise the awareness of parents and educators in this matter and to encourage kids to interest on science and technology.

The annual TEC2move event aims to spread the word on the wide offer of courses and activities on technology. During the three-day programme workshops, experiments, and hands-on demonstration are organised, plus an exhibition space for joint projects where kids are able to experience themselves these technologies.

The eseia member organisation RIC Regionales Innovations Centrum establishes partnerships with local educational institutions and act as a core point to enhance technology awareness among the youngest.

Entrance to the event is free. Please, register online HERE.

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