ESEIA Annual Report 2022

ESEIA Publishes its Annual Report 2022

The ESEIA Annual Report 2022 is out now! The report provides a detailed account of our organisation, showcasing main activities and achievements over the past year, our 13th full year of operation.

In 2022, ESEIA sent a strong message that cooperation is crucial to succeeding in the energy transition by facilitating opportunities for experts in different fields to share knowledge and work together on pioneering sustainable solutions.

This has led to eight project proposals submitted for EC HEU funding by the ESEIA Working Groups and numerous events organised by ESEIA in cooperation with its members and partners across Europe.

Of note was the WEFE4MED proposal, aimed at improving countries’ readiness to address the socio-economic vulnerability and resilience in the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) sectors, and the launch of a hybrid lecture series titled ‘Sustainable Energy Innovation Systems for Climate Neutrality’, designed to debate smart solutions with the general public in an unbiased, scientifically informed way.

In addition to a comprehensive overview of ESEIA’s projects and activities, the Annual Report 2022 provides insight into the organisation’s strategy, which allowed it to grow its membership (ESEIA welcomed DTU as a new member), strengthen its partnerships (ESEIA teamed up with EPNOE to organise the first International Summer School on Sustainable Materials for Renewable Energy Applications) and expand its reach (ESEIA enhanced its presence on social media, building and engaging a growing community of followers).

In this report, you will also find information on ESEIA’s organisational structure and financial performance in the past year.

The Annual Report 2022 will be on the agenda of the next ESEIA General Assembly Meeting that will take place 15 March 2023 at the Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania, and online.