ESEIA International Summer School 2021: Sustainable Solutions for Circular Bio-based World

Our world will become a better place through circular bio-based solutions.

This year’s ESEIA ISS with the topic ‘Sustainable Solutions for Circular Bio-based World’ took place from 27 September – 8 October. More than 15 students from Finland, Germany, India, Chile and Italy took part in the ISS. The topic was approached not only from a European perspective but considered also the views from South America and Africa. The ISS offered an exciting combination of lectures, workshops, group tasks and supervised group work with consultations, presentation of ideas including feedback given from the lecturers, and final presentation. The students received comprehensive overview of sustainable forest economy, responsible and smart use of natural resources, opportunities and benefits from forest bioeconomy and future aspects to forest bioeconomy. For the second time the ESEIA ISS was hosted by Markku Huhtinen, UAS Savonia, FI and was held fully online.

The brochure of the ESEIA ISS 2021 is available here.