International Strategic Partnerships. Marie Curie Actions”- July 2014 – Brigitte Hasewend, eseia Director, AT

International partnerships are a key dimension of eseia, as a European organisation aimed at implementing renewable energy systems in Europe as well as on a global scale. This lecture introduces also the Marie Curie Actions and their application schemes, with a special focus on opportunities for early stage researchers such as Individual Fellowships (IF) and Initial Training Networks (ITN).

EU R&D priorities for 2014-2020” – July 2014 – Anca Duta, Transilvania University of Brasov, RO

This lecture introduces the 3 priorities of Horizon 2020, the new European R&I framework programme, drwaing on their relation with the energy challenge. The presentation offers also valuable insights into project development and lifecycle, including also financial considerations and risk management.

Success with EU Proposals” – July 2014 – Richard Wheeler, eseia, UK

How to prepare a successful EU proposal, with a focus on consortium building, the proposal writing and review process, project management and implementation, as well as impact creation.

Innovative elements in EU projects” – July 2014 – Manfred Spiesberger, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), Vienna, AT

While setting the scence with the introduction of technical and social innovation, this lecture focuses on ways for identifying scientific and innovation priorities with the help of foresight methods, as well as impact assessment for project activities.

EU Project Management”- Richard Wheeler, eseia, UK

This lecture offers an overview of the steps it takes to flawlessly manage EU Projects.

How to Draft a Successful Proposal” – Gerard den Ouden, EC Training, Consultant, Belgium

Tips and tricks on the road to drafting a successful project proposal, planning tool and a glimpse into logical framework approaches.

Intellectual Property Rights Exploitation” – Thomas Bereuter, TU Graz, Austria

This lecture is themed around IPRs for scientists and companies, business case.

The role of Marie Curie Actions, Education, Research and Innovation” – Lisette Schermer, DG Education and Culture, European Commmission

An introduction to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and their target audience.