ESEIA International Summer School 2013

15 – 28 July 2013: ESEIA International Summer School 2013 on Smart Metropolitan Regions of Tomorrow.
Location: Transilvania University of Brašov, Romania

The ESEIA International Summer School 2013 on Smart Metropolitan Regions of Tomorrow addressed the following topics from four different angles:

  1. Policy angle: EU energy policy for local and regional actors;
  2. Socio-economic angle: New business and financial models for hybrid systems and the role of social diversity in cities of the future;
  3. Design angle: How to transcend the concept of sustainability in architectural design;
  4. Technological angle: Environmentally friendly electricity supply and production, heating, climate control and waste (water) treatment of the metropolitan regions of tomorrow.

Lecturing at the Summer School in the university of Transylvania-Brasov was for me a rewarding experience. The interest and active involvement from the students, the diversity of worldwide experiences and the working environment very casual yet rigorous, as well as the achievements and identification for future research work made this participation an unique experience to be replicated in the future. I cannot help saying that the friendliness from our hostess completed this picture.”
Teresa Ponce de Leão, LNEG, ESEIA Vice-President

“The ESEIA summer school in Brasov was a great experience. Not only, that I was able to teach my most favourite subject on bioresources to very interested and dedicated students. I also learnt a lot – from the attended sustainable innovation course and from the discussions with students, teachers and hosts. Especially impressed I was from the perfect organisation and from the warm welcome I recived from our Romanian colleaques.”
Ina Körner, Hamburg University of Technology, ESEIA expert

“The summer school was a good opportunity for gathering new and interesting information about several fields related to renewable energy systems and their implementation in real life conditions.”
Bogdan Gabriel Burduhos, UTBv, Romania, Summer School Participant

“The summer school was a good background of engineering knowledge about the innovative sustainable systems that was really useful for me as an architect. I liked the interdisciplinary discussions and various approaches of international lecturers all integrated into one working group.”
Tomas Skripkiunas, VGTU, Lithuania, Summer School Participant